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Lab Facility
There is a Chinese proverb, “Tell me and I forget. Show me and I remember. Involve me and I understand”.

The College has well equipped labs where the students perform experiments and understand the theoretical concepts by practice.

Science Lab

Science is a practical subject and scientific outlook can only be developed by learning by doing. The life science and physical science lab. houses various models, charts and other equipments necessary for the smooth conduct of practicals.

Computer lab

The lab has the latest Computers linked with internet to digitalize learning materials. It aims at accomplishing immediate intervention among teachers and students. We expect our students to become learners good at applying information technology.

Language Lab

The language lab provides ample opportunities for the development of various linguistic skills l.e. listening, speaking, reading & writing. It is equipped with latest gadgets like tape recorder, C.D/ D.V.D writer, linguaphones, cassettes, tapes and charts etc.

Psychology lab
Psychology is a behavioural science. It is a fundamental for the teachers to be acquaint with the tools and methods of assessing the behaviour of students. The lab has various tests to assess the traits of students like intelligence, personality, interest, aptitude, attitude etc. The tests equip the teachers to provide guidance and counseling to the students at the right place and time in order to be an asset for the nation and developing their inherent potentialities.

Work Experience Lab
All the Education Commissions laid great emphasis on learning by doing. Chalk and talk policy has become outdated. The lab has moulds of candle making and other essential material for interior decoration, card board modeling, paper cutting, pot decoration etc.

Educational Technology Lab

“Educational Technology is the development, application and evaluation of systems, techniques and aids in the field of human learning.”

With the advent of physical science and resulting electronic revolution there came an era of sophisticated hardware and software. As a result, educational technology was taken in terms of these sophisticated instrument and equipments used for presenting instructional material.

Our college has well equipped E.T. lab for the effective management of the total teaching- learning process. The main purpose of this lab is to enhance the knowledge of learners regarding the use of latest technology in the field of education. To fulfill this purpose, we have a number of latest equipments like:

Sharp Multi-Media Projector, Slide Projector, Computer with Internet facility, Over Head Projector, Television, D.V.D Player, Sound System, Cordless & Simple Mike, Amplifier, Transparencies & Slides, C.D,s (prepared by pupil teachers), Models (2D&3D), Display Boards, Reference Books on E.T, Portraits of eminent personalities and Marker Board etc.

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