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Vision & Mission
Our Vision
  • To enable the students to live in harmony with oneself and others in the profession & community.
  • To develop students as total quality people (TQP) with integrity, character and good values.
  • To develop in students the skills and competencies necessary to play the multifaceted role of teacher in the new millennium.

Our Mission
  • To inspire students for life long learning and for reaching the unreached.
  • To enable the students to become self confident but not arrogant, ambitious but not ruthless, determined but yet self controlled.

Educational Goals

“Education is the sovereign remedy for all economic ills.”

Maa Bala Sundri College of education is a co-educational college, that attempts at the total upliftment of the mental, physical and spiritual faculties of children by caring for their academic as well as human excellence. We attempt to provide our students with opportunities for self expression, innovation, initiative, a context for experimentation and experience blended with understanding of traditional values, the respect for all individual and hence the will to face the world in all its vicissitudes and contingencies.

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